And then of course you can mix the colors together to obtain new versions… And their matte sealer is fantastic! And the wax does protect the paint but you need to apply a good layer, but not excessive, let it dry and then use elbow grease to polish. here’s a revolutionary thought…can the rustoleum linen white be tinted any color you want?! But if you use dark wax over the top it gives it an even darker, richer tone! It is too thick. In France I cannot get Annie Sloan while Rustoleum – albeit in a limited colour range, is readily available. Most paints will do this but latex paint like the Rustoleum is less susceptible to flashing from the latex base. (So is my husband!) I have been considering trying my first Annie Sloan Chalk Paint project for months, and even stopped by a boutique shop. I haven’t painted kitchen cabinets yet, so I can’t really say for sure Tanya. Very helpful! You can’t scrub it. Cheers, Cass. I have seen that you can get Rustoleum Chalk paint tinted in any color at Menards stores also. i also tried waxing with AS white wax over her old violet. Join my very cool and exclusive newsletter fam! Depending on the article to be painted, I may prefer one over the other. Your comparison of the two products was very helpful! I seen above you mentioning the wax not protecting the bathroom vanities. That little 8 ounce bottle says it’ll cover 60 sq feet and I’ve found that to be true. Paint on…… I think from your post, it appears the Rustoleum dries to a smoother, more even finish – which is great ! I’m planning to paint my bed along bed-side tables with Rust-Oleum. I like the pictures in this post – they do a good job of showing the differences in color, texture and coverage. I will have to sand some areas to get them smooth and remove the chipping existing varathane sealer used. Annie Sloan IS chalk paint. Enjoyed the Annie Sloan and Rust-Oleum comparison. I just painted old TV cabinet with Rust-Oleum. Thank you. Shabby directions say brush or roll… Or, any idea where I can find a spray in that color? I’m not a fan of the brushed stroke look(regardless of quality of brush used)…some who claimed to try all chalked paints said they got a smoother finish at a lower price point. That’s what I used on our fireplace and it worked really well. It looked fabulous and held up so much better than wax. So, how do the ingredients stack up against each other as far as odor, and toxicity? They have quite a bit of water/sun damage over the years. Thanks Kim! I use a clear coat on top? Both sides dried completely in about 20 minutes and were ready for the second coat. My “greatest generation” mom stopped using wax for a reason – it has to be re-applied every so often and doesn’t really protect as much as it should. Thanks for this information, very helpful! But I’m curious, what did you cover your cabinets with when you used latex paint? your comparison was interesting, thank you! i decided the amazing colors of AS were worth more than twice the money. Menards mixed a color from another paint to get the color I wanted to Rustoleum chalk paint. Home depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Canadian Tire. I appreciate your careful comparison! I put Annie Sloan on the right side of the table and the Rust-Oleum on the left side of the table. What do you think about the Rust-Oleum silk finish? Hi, I just ran into your blog, and need an expert opinion. Thanks!! Have you tried to do your own wax or Chalk paint? S Paint. For Annie Sloane it's <0.02g/l. Hi Sarah! They have a dark and a light tint base that can be turned into several colors, you can see the choices on a paint sheet in the store and chose your color from there. HEY! I think that I need a gallon to paint both the french provincial sofa and chair. I used Annie Sloan on a China cabinet. I am on my 2nd coat and definitely need a third. thanks for the test with the paint. I AM GOING TO PAINT MY COFFEE TABLE/TRUNK FOR THE FIRST TIME. To do it, simply use a clean lint-free cloth dampened in soapy water. The thing that is been forgot is the technique used to paint with chalk paint especially with Annie Sloan. I’ve only used the restoleum once. Well, back to work and next time I’m going to try the Rust-Oleum. Cate. It looks fantastic! Review of the Rust-Oleum Chalky Spray Paint, Review of Chalk Painted Bathroom Vanities. I used that with chalk paint and normal latex paint. Select a Color (6) 12 oz. I used “Valspar Chalky Finish” on an old cabinet then held a mold in place with painter’s tape. It’s too thick and doesn’t spread well enough. What do you recommend instead of the wax for protection? I recently discovered Kilz brand about the same price as rust-oleum and on Amazon too with a wider selection of colors. I’m actually just using the rustolem for the first time right now (mid project) and so far so good. IT was a disaster as the Rust- Oleum spray finish turned my white paint pink ! Great post, Sarah, thank you! In the public painters groups, admitting to using Rustoleum is like a chef admitting to using Chef boy r d. i work in a paint store and you can purchase both a light base and dark base Rustoleum chalk paint that can be tinted to almost any color. It has been great! WHAT??!! I’m pretty sure Rustoleum makes a tintable Chalked now! Love your blog! Sarah was only sharing her opinion on how she felt about the 2 different paints, good & bad…She also never said we “couldn’t” use the AS paint if we wanted and she never said we “had” to use the Rustoleum! I also love homemade chalk paint because the color choices are endless, but you must buy a quality paint to start with, my preference is Glidden or Benjamin Moore. As I’ve already primed my piece, have one coat on and plan on 2 more. I use the chalk paint all the time and also their semi gloss sealer. I have a cherry bedroom set and love it, but wanted to make it a little darker, so I used black shoe polish as I was told from Ace Hardware it worked just as good as the expensive ones. I love it. What are your suggestions? That is where I get my paint. Thank you……. It was slightly elastic. Annie’s expertise in the development of her products and how they are sold is a cut above. Going to paint a pine dressing table and small table in my *den*.. wish me luck , BTW, my own chalk paint was actually pretty good ☺. I think that might hold up better in the long run! So much easier to use than poly and looks much nicer. Most importantly there is no odor from the Behr paint. Plus it mixed well with my Annie Sloan so that’s a nice bonus! I agree, the Pure White and Linen White are very similar. I use water base matte polyurethane. This comparison came at the perfect time! Okay, I was on a big box store’s website today and saw the Rustoleum advertised and I wondered… This was a very helpful post! Remember to always be gentle but firm. Thank you Sarah, great to know. Thanks for the tips. You need some affiliate links for Rust-oleum! Amy Howard is coming out with a line of chalk paint and you tint it to any color you want and it’s very reasonably priced. I have used the Rust-Oleum chalky spray paint Jessica. As I just went to two stores yesterday, one AS and one our local hardware. Mixed acrylic paints with the resin in cups to use to do a pour. Hi Sue! When we were looking for paint for our dining table, I saw Annie Sloan used everywhere. This was such a great post, Sarah, thank you for your expertise! ** I do not want to use wax for accents of finish as I have read a few people have issues repainting years later. This blog is my happy place, where I enjoy sharing fun things like home decor tips, affordable fashion, + life as a mama of three. Can you use as clear and dark wax on rustoleum chalk paint? It is supposed to be all black but it arrived with thin red lines encircling and outlining the panel. Win-win! BTW, you did a good job on that table. I actually prefer Rust-Oleum. As a newbie who is about to embark into the world of chalk painting furniture, this was a huge help & great place to start! to tone this brown hue down? Do I need to strip the heavy cream paint off the center base or can I just sand it lightly and then apply the Rust-Oleum ? Thank you for your info on here. Glad I found this and read the comments. This was so helpful, especially with white paint. I found the rust oleum chalk paint at Ace hard ware store. I paint a lot of furniture. That was a brilliant article and so useful. FolkArt Chalk Paint – Best Budget Chalk Paint, 4. Wanting to paint parents old mahogany Highboy and dresser we should already been expertly and taped by my grandfather who was a master Craftsman with paint I’m building. It’s actually what led me to fall in love with painting furniture in the first place. So, I had been researching AS vs. homemade… Your post was sooooooo helpful! Hot Spray: May be used with many Rust-Oleum … What can I used to seal/protect the paint job? I have a dining room table, cabinet and chairs I would like to paint. Haha you made me laugh–gloppiness it TOTALLY a word! Then, apply wax and buff as you did before. Where I did find a difference was when I tried transferring an image using mod podgy. Its a great product with a high chalk content.Yes you can water it down if needed, it can be mixed with another colour too. I’m always just too and I don’t think verbiage has been wasted. I just used Rustoleum for the first time and I have to agree that the Rustoleum is the best so far. You really don’t know if someone used murphy’s oil or pledge on a piece for decades… That sort of stuff sinks in deep. Just wanted to tell you that I use the Rust-oleum, and I love it, but at our local Menard’s store I just show them the color of Annie Sloane paint I want and they make it for me. Period. I haven’t been happy lately with Annie Sloan paint. But as far as the Rust-Oleum goes, I really do like it. I’ve been using the Rustoleum chalked paint in the color charcoal on several projects – it dries to a very dark grey -not a pure black. Thank you for this post! So not a fan of Anne Sloan chalk paint. Colors & shades of each are should give everyone something they love & it is truly custom. I chose it based on the “no prep” method……. Hi. I am beginning two projects in the morning. I have a old small cabinet that I saved and saved to purchase, its got leaded glass, claw feet and is a oak color. Cheers. I am so happy that I came across your comparison blog. I’ve used both, as well as DIY chalk paint using Plaster of Paris + latex paint. If you attempt to distress the piece after waxing, you’ll get uneven results. Shop spray paint and a variety of paint products online at It feels between a nylon, rayon, polyester mix. Agree completely, the use of water gives amazing results and coverage goes a very long way! I have painted an outdoor screen made with old doors and painted with homemade chalk paint. . It’s on Amazon too:, Hi, thank you for your great blog on the Annie Sloan/Rust-O-Leum chalk paint comparison. But it is thick and I felt somewhat hard to use. I'm a self-proclaimed home-body + lover of all things cozy. It’s a fantastic product. Hi! It’s just all the necessary data needed come to a conclusion. I chose this one because of its dark finish and the fact that there’s some damage on the top. I’ve been reading about whitewashing with chalked paint. It was good to see a comparison of the two paints. Sand or prime with care: In some cases, sanding and priming a wooden surface before painting it can dramatically improve the results. I love the Linen White by Rustoleum and the medium gray is a true gray – no blue undertones. do I use the protective top coat or will it be easier to clean up with it. I was a doubter with the Rustoleum brand due to the low price, what a pleasant surprise though, I will definitely give it a try now! I did find that the Rustoleum usually requires more coats of paint then AS or even my own DIY Chalk paint. There were 2 cans of base tints, each having a color chart on the side. This is my first experience with chalk paint. I prefer the Rustoleum. I usually go to Michaels or Walmart for my paint but I am constantly looking at Annie Sloan’s ambassadors for tips. I also love Rust-Oleum products. What is your favorite brush when painting with Rustoleum Chalk Paint? Thank you. But I am a bit peeved at the misleading branding.. Is there another clear finish wax, similar to A. Sloan you suggest to use on canvas? Simon, no one said you have to use the Rustoleum chalk paint if you don’t like it! I live in a small town and we do have a Michael’s. I’ve run out and am thinking of the cheaper option to finish it off. I was actually pretty surprised at some of my observations and I’m excited to share the results with you fine folks today! Great blog! Loved the completed project. My husband and I hired a painter to paint our cabinets white that were originally stained. ???? primers, semigloss, or flat finishes, use a spray tip with a .015–.021” orifice, for high gloss finishes use a .011–.017” tip. I did one coat only and there are no streaks. Thank you! So far so good! Thank you for sharing we learn so much by others. Blessings, Diana, Hi Diana, I would say Chalky Finish Krylon spray paint in the color Colonial Ivory might be a good option for you! They have faded and peeled over 5 years. I was leaning towards Rust-oleum for the price and after reading this blog even more so now. Highly recommend this product and process. The tables turned out great! Oh that’s awesome! Really, I don’t understand why people pay so much money for AS…I’d rather save my money and invest in quality paint brushes. Thank you!! But no where can you seem to find a store sells both. Hi Sarah, I’m glad you went thru the hassle of starting this with us. I used the rustoleum linen white for my first project whish was a dresser. Sarah Joy here. Made my own chalk paint & it worked beautifully!! I’ve never painted cabinets like that before, so I can’t say for sure if you should clean/prep them with anything else. I’m sold on this Rust-Oleum version. I will try this. I’d like to paint my fireplace stone, which is white, but has orange cast to some of the stone. What are you favorite brushes? I have all white furniture and all are used with chalk paint. Thanks again for this awesome post! I’m curious about the ingredients. Both can be applied to a variety of surfaces, such as wood, glass, metal, ceramic, and even plastic. I also painted some big bookcases with Fusion and they turned out quite well. If you look closely you can see how it caked up in the top photo above. Thank you! I want to paint over them so that the panels are all black. Thank you for comparison.It was a great help. Ace Hardware has more colors available. Totally unbiased opinions were offered, I give this post extra kudo points for the fact she has been ride or die for 6 years with Annie Sloan paint (which is a beautiful paint line) but was willing to give another (beautiful) paint line a try, despite her connection with AS and went with truthful & factual pros and cons to the two. If you slightly dilute (keep your brush wet) during your second coat, it is much easier to apply and a quart of Annie Sloan (which is now 33.8 ounces) goes about 50% further and will cover in one to 2 less coats making your project complete much faster. Have been looking into I purchased Rustoleum for a dresser to tv stand redo. At its core the name means truth or purity and that is how Veritas approaches tool making. (Yeah…sort of off topic). Spray chalk or brush on chalk paint ? However, I have never used chalk paint. I was just sitting here trying to decide between Annie Sloan and Amy Howard chalk paint. About to do a kitchen table. Primer should be zinzzer the red can.. then paint.. works fantastic.. Valspar makes a spray chalk paint. This was very helpful. Hi Deanna! Give it a shot and let me know how it goes. Do you have any suggestions regarding black? It has great coverage and is durable -I often use it inside and outside sides of drawers & inside cabinets without topcoating and it’s never scratched off. Distress before sealing: If you are going for a distressed look, make sure to take the appropriate steps before waxing or otherwise-sealing the piece of furniture. I was in a local store and almost bought Annie Sloan chalk paint. The only complication with odor is the Annie Sloan wax before it has cured. My son actually works at an Ace. It’s around 8-$ online at Joann’s and is often on sale for $4.99 for 8 ounces. Thank you. I just purchased the gray and was hesitant to use it. Tricia. Dreams do come true!! I am so glad to have read this as I also found Rustoleum doing a very good job and for the price difference, I think Annie Sloan is a bit too expensive. I have a dining room table that needs repainting in white after my 3 year old daughter took a rubber ink stamp to the legs and one chair. Hope u may enjoy as well, perhaps rustoleum spray on chalk paint vs canned chalk paint like Charcol mite be an i teresting experiment also. It has some leaf effects begging for gilding. In order to be sure of what you are doing, however, check out the manufacturer’s instructions. To expand the color variety of the Rust o, try mixing the colors. Now before I get into the comparison, I want to start with sharing a few basics about both paints in case you’re not familiar with chalk paint. Hi, I was researching chalk paint for my kichen cupboards but I have lots of cupboards. This comparison accompanied by step-by-step photos and prices was so very helpful. I sand the eax off, put another coat of white and it stayed white. Thank you. Marie, Hi Marie, I have done a DIY chalk paint actually. I used Serenity Blue in the Rustoleum and used the matte finish over the top. great post! What about using the wax on black? Have you tried the annie sloan lacquer vs the Rust-o-leum top coat? Now let’s move on to the second coat of paint: Here’s the finished look of my little table: Overall Thoughts on the Annie Sloan vs. Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint. I love it, and it’s cheaper than any store bought version I know of, and you can get it in ANY color you want (because you use latex paint as the base). The smooth, gloss finish is available in a large variety of on-trend colors. Thank you for the comparison between Annie Sloan and Rust-Oleum paints. Thank you. Rust-Oleum Modern Farmhouse 11 oz. New ques: After reading your blog I got enthused about painting my kitchen cabinets They are 35 years old and grimy What should I clean them with before painting them ? You did an excellent job of comparing the two products. I too have used both as well as another couple on the market chalk paints. Just prefer warmer white and from the picture I cannot tell. They have a color chart with Manny colors. Cover Letter for Jobs I came across your review of Rustoleum vs Annie Sloan chalk paint while searching for AS paint which was recommended for painting upholstery fabric. Allows a second coat after only two hours of drying. The shop I buy from is really great on advice and she told me to thin the paint with water and it glides on perfectly. The limited color pallet you’ve observed can be canned at true value but pricey, its also often displayed in Spray on chalk paint options in those basic 6 colors. My 2nd choice would be Folk Art paint, it’s very reasonably priced, $7.99/16oz and very thick so it can be watered down and still give you great 2 coat coverage. I’m about to chalk paint my kitchen cupboards… I have watched EVERY video and searched for any and all info out there. Any advice? It’s a much lower price, but I don’t think I’ll buy it again. Looks like it’s the RO with their matte top coat for me! I have purchased dark blue previously and because of the price difference I haven’t been able to afford a can of Anne Sloan paint yet but I have no complaints with Rustoleum. I do plan to distress it afterwards. And happppppppy Monday to you. Thanks for the tips! Rustoleum chalked paint has been my go to from day one – I have painted my bathroom cabinets and vanity, dining room chairs and table base, a rocking chair, several small projects like repurposed jewelry boxes, candlesticks, trays and most recently a set of vintage doors that we turned into barn style sliders. I used the Martha Stuart paint and the odor was terrible! New to chalk paint; my question has nothing to do with your table but you seem to be very experienced in chalk paint! Is this true or is it mineral based…whatever that means. I want to paint a sofa, but is waxing and sanding still necessary? Hi, And for the kitchen cabinets, I’d definitely wipe them down well with hot soapy water. I was really surprised too Nikki, but it was cool to see how they perform side-by-side at the same time. I don’t think they have a dark wax option yet, but you could use either the clear or dark Annie Sloan wax over the Rust-Oleum chalk paint. Not sure why anyone would use Annie Sloan at the ridiculous price that it is!! And it must be reapplied down the road. Mostly now though I just use latex satin paints, usually Valspar from Lowe’s, but others work too, and mix in purchased chalk powder. Between the two, I felt like the Rust-Oleum paint was easier to work with and easier to apply due to the fact that it isn’t as thick. I often will end up adding a little bit of water to the paint (especially on a second coat) to alleviate brush strokes or caking. Thanks for the insight. thank you for this. It is super helpful. This was Very helpful. I do have a question, what about yellowing? The Data sheet for the Rustoleum lists VOCs at <750g/l. It also did not stick very well to some of the cabinets. You might be better off trying it with regular latex paint? The paint I bought is very thick and I’ve actually had to water it down to get it to spread before it dried. I didnt use the wax and the finish it it becomes lustrous by sitting on it. Can I put furniture paint in a small air sprayer? whats featured in the main picture would be a good white…What I got was a dark coffee and cream which in some light looks like a bit of grey cement added in – distressed lamp – the style and material are perfect – the color is a mess. My sister and i are very sensitive to chemicals and I’m wondering if the Annie Sloan is better that way. Dyanna. На Хмельниччині, як і по всій Україні, пройшли акції протесту з приводу зростання тарифів на комунальні послуги, зокрема, і на газ. Wow what a great tip!! Absolutely the best information. About product and suppliers: 1,598 rustoleum spray paint color chart products are offered for sale by suppliers on A wide variety of rustoleum spray paint color chart options are available to you, There are 2 suppliers who sells rustoleum spray paint color chart on, mainly located in Asia. I’d say you’d probably want to start with a good primer. I’ve used Annie Sloan chalk paint on my kitchen, kitchen chairs, piano stool and waxed it too and loved the finish and ease of use. I already have the Annie Sloan paint in the color Provence and the wax. I have used both and for the most part, Rustoleum holds its own, despite it being about half the price. Again I’m not guaranteeing it would work but it was a thought and could be worth a shot. I’m needing to paint an unfinished pine nightstand from Ikea. Have you tried any chalk spray paint? The info is very helpful. The cost difference is huge if you paint a lot. Loved your input! Linen White by Rustoleum is a very light gray or a grayish white. Annie Sloan recommends that you water down the paint a little to allow for smoother coverage! I love and need them! There ARE chemical limitations in the color spectrum, but if you find a good consultant, he or she should be able to color that product to suit you! Being new its easy to spend unnecessarily when you don’t know much about about the process. Here’s the table I used for this project. No sanding is required, no primer needed. Do you think the Rustoleum chalky paint would work on those ’90 curio cabinets? It dries to a clear hard surface. I found the second coat of Annie Sloan paint a little harder to apply compared to the Rust-Oleum paint. I did 2 coats paint & 2 coats of their topcoat clear. Hello..Thank You So VERY MUCH for YOUR REVIEW…You have no idea the turmoil I’ve been in Anne Sloane or Rust-Oleum I shall forge through my mammoth project of 2 side Cabinets and a Dining Suite for 8 the Table has 2 huge supporting ORNATE Leggs …I shall be UPDATING TO SUIT MY NEW HOME which is light and bright JUST LOOKING at my poor tired Antique Furniture was So Depressing…Just Too Dark it Just Needed A Face Lift as We All Do when Age Creeps Up ….It HOLDS So Many Family Memories and JUST Too Good to THROW AWAY….. Well, instead of focusing on Sales-y descriptions and assurances that AS brand is wonderful, I think that LittleVintageNest did a perfectly fair, unbiased comparison of the two brands. The best thing about the Behr paint, is that the paint department will mix the paint in Any color you want, Hello! Thanks for the Rust-Oleum and AS review. I have been reading about AS paint versus rustoleum chalk paint. I have a breakfront that is maple, I want to chalk paint it black. I have completed about 5-projects using the Behr Chalk paint from Home Depot. Great post by the way, loved the idea to see both paints together! 4 years later and it still feels sticky. Promise you'll love it. Now I want to repaint them a different color using chalked paint Because of the previously used RED paint, will the old paint color bleed thru to the new color? Which one do you think would be best on the rough masonry? Create a … I’m thinking about painting dressers with the Rustoleum. Thanks, Honestly, I have been looking at Chalk paint for a while- many brands- but haven’t been ready to “dive in” to my project yet, therefore I’ve been just looking, not buying. Thank you for the comparison. I live in France, so products are not the same, not sure what others sealer that could use the Minwax is crazy a crazy price, over $40 and matt $80 for a quart. This week’s question comes from Darin. Satin color palette rustoleum spray paint colors. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Rust-Oleum Quart Exterior Gloss Marine White Paint 207001 at the best online prices at eBay! But the pinks, (one was inks and one was acrylic paint) became very hot, bubbled up and over the top of the plastic cups and eventually hardened! I always use RO lacquer over AS. I do like their colours better and I noticed the brush marks in the Rustoleum (but I would use a small roller not a brush). Agreed! Great option for color choice. Army green camouflage spray paint color. I do like the AS color palette, but let’s face it, it’s $$$$$. Check out my recipes here! ).quart to paint my armoir! Will this cover a office desk. I haven’t yet but i don’t like using wax- and I don’t seem to get that nice finish the AS videos show. Great consistency results in great coverage. I will keep buying the Rustoleum. I will definitely try Rust-Oleum on my next project . Rust-oleum May only have 20 or so colors, you can get it made into any color just like any paint. LOLOLOL I will keep you posted after this coming weekend when I plan to just go ahead and do it!!! Annie Sloan is better than Rustoleum – like all “premium” chalk paints it goes on thicker and spreads further. anyways thts all! what a job! you’re applying it wrong…it’s not the paint. It appears to be a composite material of some sort mimicking stamped concrete. I really liked both brands but the rustoleum is cheaper by half. probably!!! This is certainly the case with Renaissance Chalk Paint, a product that stands out due to its fantastic richness, ease of application and overall high level of quality. I need to show you a photo of a 4 panel room divider that I bought from wayfair. Thanks that really helped me. In a previous reply, you mentioned it would be better to use regular latex or oil based paint. Never thought them would have such great items for refinishing but the price point is unbeatable and the way they work is amazing! If you are looking for colors and have a Menards by you, Rust-Oleum has 2 tint-bases with 25 colors in addition to their 6 pre-mix colors. Ready to get started, Sue. I used the Rustoleum white chalk paint and found a swatch off the wall of the color that I wanted (a very slight off white – not yellowey or tan) and asked the guy at the paint counter if he could tint the chalk paint for me and he said absolutely! I found this guide on painting but it doesn’t say anything about brushes. She sells a Polyvine was finish varnish for final finish. 5) glaze with dark brown glaze to enhance edges. I’ve never done a black chalk paint–but like Maria said in the comment below I’m sure the dark wax would just deepen the color that much more! I’m going with white linen and charcoal from the rust-oleum line. The one other thing I have noticed when I compared painting with Annie Sloan or Rust-Oleum is that Rust-Oleum seems to leave slightly more distinct brush marks. We’re crazy Crafters of all kinds we have to be able to make sure that we’re not spending too much else we wouldn’t have the ability to play with our craft so easily. One coat will be enough if the application is correct. Thanks again, I just did my kitchen table with rustoleum…love it but how do I keep it clean. I want to bet charcoal black matte finish that you see in the very most expensive Colonial furnishings and I think the Rust-Oleum will do the trick for durability and application. I was able to have the paint service rep customize my color just like any other paint. I have signed on to become a tester, cant wait. No pude obtener que la rustoleum spray paint for plastic color chart quede tersa ll keep you posted after this coming weekend i... Says it ’ s used a clear polycrylic over top of table with it!!!!!. Based…Whatever that means went on and they can match it!!!!!!!... Upholstery sofa looks now like a colorfull leather one and does not need to sand a... I 'm sarcastic, overly caffeinated + usually at Target, loved the to. Can either of these chalk paints you wanted true or is it best to use regular paint! Up looking great but took 12 cans so super expensive and i couldn ’ think., while i get very little effort when sanding buy more blog, yes! The lacquer for kitchen units so this is what i used that with paint... Behr Chalked style paint can so it ’ s Rustoleum vs Annie Sloan paint in the garage for.... A protective finish tables but want to paint my old family heirloom French provincial desk with mirror and tall this... Before but i was wondering if you follow instructions and correct techniques for the top or roll…,... Good luck with your project or Zinc-Sele ) may cause clogging and possible abrasive damage to equipment Rustoleum – in! Rust-Oleum and on Amazon now and am big on mixing colors as well on an rocking... Be like other latex paint like Benjamin Moore, would the Rustoleum chalk paint called rethunk Junk also! Each having a color ( 6 ) 12 oz Sloan and now i know, customers! M looking for the easiest to pick up in store today in the hardware store you just... The cautions seemed to cake up for me for the wax give a better paint finish is good clean... Although it set pretty quick important that any wooden surface before painting with... Available to you alittle scared straight to your indoor and outdoor project surfaces especially! You haven ’ t done anything else with that DIY recipe for chalk with... Rustoleum to apply compared to the old white and was pleased to find out how Rustoleum with. With another chalk paint which was better color “ Midnight ” that good! Other items in these posts without adding the water and soap painted a brick fireplace, Rustoleum its. Sealer this past week and i always finish projects w/a water based polyurethane )!!!. Tintable bases?? MultiColor Textured spray paint with whatever paint i didn t..., just have fun with it on ( $ 12! ) brown glaze to enhance edges was! Silk finish.. but i totally want to start my project cut it into yours different., if proper preparation is not done at all store where they will find out Rustoleum! Sealing of the chalk paint for the money on AnnieSloan paints what did you cover your cabinets with you! Used clear and dark wax over her old violet d be so grateful for your expertise y pude! Up my mind Sloan had to cure a week tone trend you d! Than given credit for polish like that, but in the case of Veritas Tools fits. Or top coat or will it be easier to apply ( not ). Water bottle while painting fir a smother application most importantly there is fine chalk on! To utilize the topcoat to see both paints to distress the piece evenly will. Mix the paint service rep customize my color just like it ’ s too and. The comments and stumbled into yours and prices was so well for you that stuff seals like pictures. Versus Rustoleum chalk paint my old family heirloom French provincial desk with mirror and tall this... To shop and loved the results 4.99 for 8 ounces it arrived with thin red lines encircling outlining! On Pinterest of people who try Rustoleum complain about it here https: // and the Rust-Oleum paint and... So is Rust-Oleum safe for pregnant women to use and covers nicely MultiColor! Performance is better to use like as is about twice as expensive and i plan paint. Comparison with that + usually at Target know of Rustoleum brand and was also surprised how. Base and it worked well about Annie Sloan is better to use chalk paint and was! You may need more than a can poly and looks like it!!!!!... Hot soapy water me with any pointers on a visit to your all your!. First clean and sand before applying the chalk paint, pots, etc ’ bathroom vanity their! That up off trying it with regular latex paint like Benjamin Moore and waxing over it wayfair. Just too and i can ’ t make up my mind you experienced that perfectly. Can, i had seen the Rust-Oleum silk finish applying wax you fine folks today, overly caffeinated + at... In flat latex paint as far as bleed through ” with the spray chalk paint ) 41... Is part of the posters said that Rustoleum product though piece and have used both brands and paints. Painting upholstery fabric the finished project Brenda, you ’ ve used both and for a snack right now and. Put another coat of white and it worked beautifully!! rustoleum spray paint for plastic color chart!!