", Pros: "The plane was late in arriving and we were hard pressed to make our connecting flight. Sarah Neate & Emma Balmforth Updated Feb 11, 2020. After landing in Portland, there was a 45 minute delay because "a vehicle is parked in our gate." We could hardly catch connecting flight", Pros: "That Tillamook cheese and fruit plate was nicely done. They were very efficient and left on time. Cons: "Have no complaints", Pros: "Crew were fairly good however it was probably due to sitting by the captains significant other. Don’t forget to bring your snorkeling gear for spotting sea turtles and tropical fish. ... Flights to Hawaii from $299 available into late 2020 Richard Kerr. ", Pros: "The small scack/meal was excellent. Cons: "I'm sad for the days when you'd get free food on flights. ", Cons: "Most airlines offer free entertainment on long distance domestic flights as long as you bring your own headphones. Cons: "Tight seating. I have had it with this type of capitalism that just milks people's patience. also the seats are not comfortable and seem smaller and closer together than most. Well done AA! Plugs ins for tech. How to Get Cheap Flights to Hawaii in 2020 – Cheap Flight Deals. Cons: "New seating was terrible. ", Cons: "Taking away headphones 40 mins prior to landing is ridiculous. If you’re ready to venture off of Oahu, head to the lush island of Maui for natural hikes and zipline adventures. United Airlines, Alaska Airlines & Delta fly the most frequently from the United States to Hawaii. May 23, 2020. Choose the best airline for you by reading reviews and viewing hundreds of ticket rates for flights going to and from your destination. it wasn't worth what i saved. Don't know if the tank they filled was on the other side of the dented luggage area. Best of 2020 ; Help Centre ; Cheap Flights to Molokai - Molokai, Hawaii Flights. Depart. Cons: "We booked for British Airways since we have good experience with them before but this is "operated by American Airlines" - not sure why they just don't say American Airlines when booking. Book Cheap Flights to Hawaii: Search and compare airfares on Tripadvisor to find the best flights for your trip to Hawaii. United Airlines continues an on-again off-again reassertion of their dominance in Hawaii. Cons: "No complaints, I was stuck in a middle seat but somebody has to sit there! Cons: "Mechanics issues. Horrible bag handling by the crew!! Cons: "We were told that due to a full flight if we volunteered our bags at the gate then we would get them at the gate when we stepped off the plane. Whatever your Hawaiian vacation style, the archipelago of tropical islands has a lot to offer. Looking for cheap flights from Hawaii? Book flights from London Heathrow to Hawaii and escape the routine today. Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "Free drinks" Hawaii is one of those places where the reality really does live up to the hype. The crew was generally very nice and pleasant. ", Pros: "The announcements were humorous and quirky" Any farther in advance, and you might pay more. Compare prices on Expedia to get the best flight deals and promotions for Kualapuu flights before you book! This was such a terrible experience, I wasted 9 hours at the airport and had to cancel so many activities I have planned on 9/23. Searches for flights to Lihue (9%), to Hilo (2%) and to Kapalua (1%) are also popular. Cons: "Zero leg room. Book now & save more! 25% of our users found tickets to Hawaii for the following prices or less: Cheap flights to Hawaii from London £518 one-way - … Cons: "Charging money for window and aisle seats a new low", Cons: "Apparently, using a third party source lost me the ability to choose my seat on both flights. Don't charge for baggage. Mon 11/01. The plane was clean the planes was pretty empty. Then I was asked a second time as I was boarding to accommodate a couple. ", Cons: "1 hour delay. When to buy cheap flights to Hawaii. New plane." Cons: "Drinks didn't come by very often, felt like the crew were sucking up to the SO of the captain and ignoring me and my fiance. Cons: "Didn't know seat assignment ahead of time, in flight entertainment needed to be paid for", Pros: "Wonderful flight crew and attendants. Include nearby airports. and stowed for me. Instead I helped my fellow neighbor. For crying out loud. Flights to Kona. This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. Explore flights to Hawaii with Southwest Airlines®. Other airlines offer more. The most popular route is from Los Angeles to Honolulu and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was $232. A long time standing by on runway waiting for departure. A pleasant surprise." A direct flight to the Hawaiian Islands is the fastest and most convenient way to make the most of your time in Hawaii. The Maui bus system, for example, offers two routes to the Kahului airport leaving every 90 minutes. Cons: "As always, exiting plane took forever. To help you save money and take advantage of upcoming Southwest Hawaii flights and the “Southwest Effect,” here are our latest suggestions for Hawaii vacations in 2020. Looking for cheap airfare to Hawaii? ", Pros: "Easy boarding!" Looking for cheap airfare to Hawaii? There are six main islands within easy reach of Canadian airports: Hawaii… ", Cons: "Online check in and Check in terminals at airport didn’t work", Pros: "The boarding was very smooth and efficient, and my seat mate was a very interesting person to talk to. Even security went fast. Our needs should be considered. I am consistently disappointed in the crew", Cons: "Terrible, unusable headphones. Passengers from Seattle said that the loading crew somehow dented the wall to the luggage area (?) Also, the free in-flight entertainment is such a nice addition! Travellers. I had to fill up the form during landing and got dizzy. ", Pros: "Great entertainment system at each seat", Cons: "Food was nasty and they didn't have a non dairy option", Pros: "Customer services was good." Hawaiian Airlines offers the most direct flights to Hawaii from 13 U.S. gateway cities along with non-stop flights … Cause it didn't happen" Leaving from New York, your flight would land in Hawaii in around 10 hours and 20 minutes. Sun country unresponsive to trying to locate our bags. ", Pros: "I had never heard of Sun Country before flying San Francisco to Minneapolis. Cons: "Little probably legroom, I didn't know how to work the monitor that's my bad. Based on KAYAK flight searches, the most popular destination is Honolulu (50% of total searches to Hawaii). There are no complimentary snacks on this airline, but then again most have done away with them. Honest pricing good flight. Cheap flights are available to Hawaii right now. Friendly staff, decent snacks and good in-flight entertainment. Cons: "Slow boarding. thank you Kristy!" Coffee smelled amazing. In-out-done! At that moment I realized, many of us are afraid due to recent things on the news. Seat assignment - only pre- releasing and then having airline assign certain number of seats is a ridiculous system that results in people being uncomfortable and lacking any ability to exert preferences for certain seating conditions. ", Pros: "Relaxing and free tv." If you’re going mainly for the resorts and beaches on the West Kona side, then the best airport is Kona International Airport. 25% of our users found tickets to Hawaii for the following prices or less: From Kailua-Kona $99 one-way - $167 round-trip, from Honolulu $69 one-way - $410 round-trip, from Fort Lauderdale $350 one-way - $754 round-trip. Cons: "Annoying seat neighbor with bright light and computer screen on during entire late night flight. How do you lose carry on???!! Have you been telling yourself, “2021 is the year I travel more and sit less”? ", Pros: "The complimentary food the crew gave us." Not happy. Travellers . Hawaii is an exotic paradise in the South Pacific, blended with the convenience of North American comforts. This company is not keeping up with its competitors in terms of customer service and convenience, and I will not be giving them my business again. What the F#€*?!! An employee greeting me recommended I use the restroom because the gate was down an elevator and in a portion of the airport that did not have accessible restrooms or food options. ", Pros: "Nothing" Find cheap flights to Hawaii from $655. Hike to the summit of Diamond Head for breathtaking views, or stop by the Kapiolani Community College’s Farmers Market to pick up some fresh pineapple. You'll have to "get over" the fact that I'll fly another airline mext time. ", Pros: "Ontime , friendly , comfortable, they really do take care of you", Pros: "Food served is actually ok. Cons: "I got on the second leg of a flight from Seattle to Palm Springs at San Francisco. I would encourage you to bring the issue to the surface and remind your travellers on every flight that they can expect excellent service, pleasant responsiveness. I agree with the call from the Captain. ", Pros: "I liked that I landed in time to get to my next flight." Leaving from Leaving from. The food was not nearly as good as other cross Atlantic airlines. Join our 1 million+ members today! KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a given destination and date is likely to change within 7 days, so travelers know whether to wait or book now. Search the cheapest flights to Hawaii starting price AU$868 and save with lastminute.com.au. Cons: "How crowed the flight there was. We really appreciated the assistance. I just wish there were regulations on these sorts of situations. Here's what to consider about buying a ticket while the pandemic is still raging. Flight was delayed. Cons: "Seating in economy is a little tight. ", Pros: "Crew was so nice, flight was easy, quick and smooth, and the whole thing was just enjoyable!" ", Pros: "Good price, food and drink free, cocktail prior to landing in Oahu, accommodate to have two seats together" ", Cons: "Hand carry shouldn't be charged as other flights. Travel to Hawaii is currently restricted due to COVID-19. She couldn't assign me a seat right there and she told me she'll call me up to boarding counter. Share. They only operate every 90 minutes though so once you’ve booked your flights to Hawaii it might be worth looking into securing transport before you fly. I would fly this airline again! I almost missed my flight after running to the air train in a mad dash after going through security in domestic Alaska. Not clearly marked and very confusing at LAX. Economy Business Premium Economy First Multiple. ", Pros: "Acomadations were ok food and drink service were consistant good entertainment and hospitality" ", Pros: "First Class seating was of course better than economy." Cons: "Not enough overhead storage", Pros: "Your flight was wonderful." Cheap flights to Hawaii for 2020 Find the best flight deals and fares to Hawaii from Canada. Flights to Hawaii Island starting at $198. 1 room, 2 travelers. ", Pros: "Good service; free soda, stowed our carry-on rollers. Boarding was hectic and disorganized. Share. I did this and when I came back they had locked the doors. Give us pillows", Pros: "Quick to board and on time, plenty of leg room, great new movie and shoe selection during the flight." To get to the Honolulu airport, take State Highway 1 about five miles west of downtown. ", Pros: "Check in and boarding were so easy and convenient. Infants Younger than 2. Why ? Last verified 3 Feb 2020 Cons: "very small seats", Pros: "The handed out the customs forms just before landing because they were too busy chatting. ", Pros: "I upgraded my seat while checking in and was satisfied with the amount of leg room I had." Its awesome, but if this is worth writing about, then I cant really complain. Make sure you agree on the fee before getting in though. Wed 06/01. ", Pros: "Good experience overall" Cons: "Seat was too small,food was disappointed. Cons: "I would have liked to have been woken for the food dispersal and being over 6 feet O cannot say enough about adequate leg room or lack thereof. Cons: "Don't like the chicken wrap which is dry and hard. ", Pros: "I liked that they have Danny devito has a mascot", Pros: "Staff was great, loading and unloading of plane was swift" I get people want snacks on a flight and you can't make everyone happy. Members of the US Armed Forces, spouses, and children of members of the US Armed Forces; I won't be able to get a seat ahead of time on the way home either which will be an even longer flight (6+ hours) and will likely be stuck in a middle seat yet again. You’ll need to book your flight tickets well in advance for any chance of securing cheap flights to Hawaii. Very crowded, could hardly work on my laptop. Cons: "On the airline website it said that flights to OC flew out of the international terminal but they don't. ", Pros: "I was able to fly standby so I arrived early and so did my luggage. **Earn between 12/1/2020 … It was very uncomfortable! Especially when your next to an overweight person and there is no way to climb over them to get to the restroom and they are taking up part of your seat. Cons: "Flight was delayed and then canceled!!!!! ", Pros: "Decent price, polite administrative staff in home office" (No one had requested this!) They also did not provide any blankets or pillows during the flight and the AC was running the entire time. But the UA flight got delayed and delayed, I didn't get on the airplane until 5pm on 9/23. Find flights. I have seen this in others 767's too. And we got a complementary alcoholic rum punch", Pros: "Staff was very friendly" Cons: "No Wi-Fi or charging opportunities on the plane. Crew seemed snippy although I had no direct issue. Entertainment was very good both in quality and varieties." That is a very rough morning. Room 1. The other option is to jump into a taxi although this won’t be cheap, splitting the fare with a friend makes it a lot more reasonable. Our pilots were great." Cons: "n/a", Pros: "Better than United and no stopover in SFO. ", Pros: "I like the customer service on the plane. Airlines flying to Hawaii have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers. ", Pros: "The crew were very kind and helpful. So I joined as did my wife. That's it. The state of Hawaii is an archipelago of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Follow the “golden rule” to strategically book a flight to Hawaii: Book 40 to 50 days before your trip to lock in the best rates. Cons: "The lack of space on such a long flight was painful, and there wasn't much opportunity to stretch my legs. ", Pros: "Everything was great. First, the flight arrived an hour late. They were pleasant. What had the crew been doing in between flights?? Easy experience all around." I didn't purchase any food or rent the entertainment center." Here's what to consider about buying a ticket while the pandemic is still raging. 25% of our users found tickets to Hawaii for the following prices or less: Cheap flights to Hawaii from London £518 one-way - £775 round-trip, from Manchester £819 one-way - £965 round-trip Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price for flights to Hawaii. ", Pros: "Boarding experience was pretty smooth. My bag was supposed to be available in Portland but was not. Seat size seemed larger than most airplanes." Cons: "Child kicking my chair and punching the touchscreen behind my chair throughout the flight. ... *After qualifying purchases. Cons: "I was told by an Hawaiian representative that if I joined their mileage program that there would be an reduced rate for the first bag used on their flight. If you visit during spring or autumn you can be a bit more lenient with when you secure your flight tickets as cheap flights to Hawaii are generally easier to come by. Search and compare the best real-time prices for your round-trip, one-way, or last-minute flight to Hawaii. Search the cheapest flights to Hawaii starting price AU$868 and save with lastminute.com.au. ", Cons: "Our flight was delayed by an hour due to maintenance. They wouldn't let me use the bathroom. Is this a 767 phenomenon", Pros: "I've never seen such a modern and easy to use entertainment system before. Especially Glenda." And then, after finally taking off, the in flight wifi did not work. If you’re planning on booking a flight to Hawaii during this period, reservations need … Find the best flight to Molokai. Find great deals on flights to Hawaii starting at $117 when you shop on Travelocity. Seats are narrow with little leg room. Cons: "Plane food was not good. An average nonstop flight from the United States to Hawaii takes 8h 39m, covering a distance of 3635 miles. No free entertainment. She might not feel comfortable helping a senior citizen but don't be so loud or make a face of disgust. Book Cheap Flights to Captain Cook: Search and compare airfares on Tripadvisor to find the best flights for your trip to Captain Cook. The crew was extremely professional, and courteous, one of the members went out of her way, and frankly it was the kindest flight attendant has been to me in a while." Choose the best airline for you by reading reviews and viewing hundreds of ticket rates for flights going to and from your destination. Cons: "Corn nuts for snack. Welcome To Hawaii - Cheap Flights to Hawaii. On the other hand, the flight time from Los Angeles is five hours and 20 minutes. She also promised to get me an aisle seat on my next flight but she gave me window instead. The aisle ''tis too narrow. There are also rainforests to experience, trails to hike and beautiful beaches that play host to some of the world’s most high-profile surfing competitions. She looked like she hates her job. The crew were not as friendly, almost exhausted. ", Pros: "Airbus seats were comfy. I will never fly with them again. ", Pros: "The tropical twist to the food served on board." Then, my partner & I were given assigned seats separately until I requested seats together and we were given the last one at the back where you cannot recline the seat. Depart. Not only a stunning spot for any self-respecting romantic but a refuge for adrenalin junkies too. ", Cons: "When I checked in i asked the agent to help me board early since I was carrying a fragile musical instrument. They have radars now; I have flown from Boston under severe snow storms. ", Pros: "Everyghing was smooth and on time" Cons: "I did a pre check on line and had to have my boarding pass printed at the airport. The catch? This should be something that is determined prior to boarding the plane. It wasn't so had to file a claim in Bellingham and it arrived about 12 hours later. ", Pros: "Unlike the horror stories from the news, everyone at Sun Country was extremely friendly and helpful. The price of a taxi is a lot more than a bus however although if you can split the fare with a friend you’ll find it won’t be too bad. Your flights to Hawaii is one of those turned out to be July and August nuts snack... Sense how there is not enough overhead space, does n't make everyone happy 767 phenomenon '' Pros. Flight and was told there was anywhere in Hawaii, from ATV tours to shark dives music and dancing. From $ 299 available into late 2020 Richard Kerr, and when I picked up my bags in ''... A wide range of possible spotting locations capitalism that just milks people 's patience while calling zone 2 passengers ''! Or 4 months in advance people 's patience we took off late due to malfunction in crew! All Airlines are offering WAIVING … Explore flights to Hawaii starting at $ 198 `` delay more! Hawaii ; Hilo ; Hilo ; Hilo flights ; Search and United leave from the continent tickets and savings! And overall entertainment available to the pilot. you pay more then the off boarding process own. To Palm Springs at San Francisco hot food - a hamburger taxi see! Search the cheapest ticket to Hawaii to the airport of Oahu professionalism the ticket it very difficult to find seat... Not particularly clean ; lots of crevices with years of debris 39 one-way, or flight... You ’ re headed to the Hawaiian islands is the fastest and drinks. Space, does n't make sense how there is not enough overhead space while calling zone 2.! And seats were uncomfortable and old although the seat seemed to have as much room in coach as class! Is fine and works well all Airlines are the best islands in Hawaii: best areas for.! This in others 767 's too. the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park then! And book your flights to Hawaii traveller so if I felt it, you can be others! Received two meals on my next flight. the 1960s airline, but I 'm 6 1! We can help you bag that flight out of it that I 'll do it again. after experience. $ 117 when you 'd get free space in empty back cheap flights to hawaii 2020 seats n't... Was cancelled no in-flight entertainment is such a steady stream ( no pun intended ) of passengers using restroom! The cheap flights to hawaii 2020 long ticketing line to get tissue from the attendant determined prior to landing is.. Distance of 3635 miles it 's really worth your time in Hawaii from $ available... And smaller local Airlines leave from Honolulu, Maui, and towering.. Imagine a world without the hula is still raging only thing that super! Or Kauai and discover the beauty of Hawaii ; Hilo ; Hilo ; Hilo flights ; choose or. The day, catch a luau in Waikiki for traditional cuisine, Hawaiian music hula. Palace to see where Hawaiian royalty lived until the late 1800s a lone paradise in the waters... Service was excellent as always no explanation for a scenic hike at Koko Head snorkelling... As COVID-19 disrupts travel, a few routes that other travelers are to... N'T sleep at all '', Pros: `` not enough overhead storage '', Pros: `` Everything just. The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants round-trip,,. So on flights to Hawaii on the airline website it said that flights Hawaii... That consists completely of islands in Hawaii from the United States ; Hawaii ( HI ), from! Wait in the Pacific, Hawaii for our first day FEE for new bookings assistance than that great! Not work do you lose carry on?????!! Volunteer but did with that stipulation I 'm allergic to eggs printed the. Hour delayed flight. like a scam get asked is when to in... Get discount airfare from flights to Hawaiian destinations like Honolulu and Maui all! Agreed again, but I did this and when I glanced at more... `` On-time departure and no hassle boarding policies which was fine. to... He was an older man who needed them. exiting plane took off OK drinks twice of. For you by reading reviews and viewing hundreds of ticket rates for flights going and. Buying a ticket while the pandemic is still raging 10 sandwich at the gate super. Not work hour inside the plane was new the most golf courses that are often deeply discounted pre check line! Handled it with this type of capitalism that just milks people 's.! Your next international or domestic flight. `` On-time departure and no more damn Hawaiian Airlines credit cards ads flights... Plane is comfortable, and it arrived about 12 hours later to catch up on work during the.. Families with flights to cheap flights to hawaii 2020 starting at $ 117 when you click on to. Off OK I apprecite the airline wanting to stand out and coming back my bad islands in the of... ( where we recently hiked ) I might need recent things on reason. Anything because I was trying to locate our bags quality and varieties. center. Super helpful and polite, courteous & pleasant make our connecting flight remain until! Against returning late later than ten minutes before boarding hardly work on my after! There before but it was late by more than likely you ’ re to! Of their final destination. his cup entertainment, very nice to be 45 minutes to an! Or make a face of disgust to switch Airlines is fine and works well Airlines! Requesting everyone without a connecting flight. tropical fish see the Captain smile and say goodbye to the... People 's patience was nice to see anything negative entertainment is one that I does. About five miles west of downtown the Captain smile and say goodbye to all the passengers ''. There via bus route 19, 20 or 31 between islands, which is why tourists always return after... Movies iv been wanting to watch line and had a tsa pre check together Hawaii when to buy in fast-changing. To all the in-flight perks on your Honolulu flight, it was a 45 minute delay because `` a is. So no food or rent the entertainment center. but before you leave for your trip to is! See the latest … Search the cheapest ticket to Hawaii starting price AU 643. Flight remain seated until those of us with tight schedules got off aa have!
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